Friday, October 15, 2010

early life/3

  at the party he was waiting
looking kind of spooky and withdrawn
like he could be underwater
the mighty mother with her hundred arms
swept all aside 
I hate to walk behind other people's ambition
I saw you waiting
with your warning 
leave alone 
you don't belong here
he got nervous 
started whistling
every thought a ricochet
did you notice?
well I wondered
what's the worst thing I could say?
and I froze up and sighed
you remind me of someones daughter
I forgot her
I forgot her name ashamed
go home and live with your pain
leave alone
leave alone 'cause you don't belong
you don't belong here
and when I go
don't you follow
leave alone 
leave alone 'cause you know you don't belong
you don't belong here
slip out quiet
nobody's looking
leave alone
you don't belong here 

(elliott smith - no name #1)

Couldn't find any original video or live performance, but the entire album ROMAN CANDLE(1994) is


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